General rules

Apply to all customers using service at website .

Applicable to departments involved in the return and cancellation process of goods including Electronic Commerce Department, Customer Service Department and Accounting Department.

Only applicable for products traded on the website . Not applicable to products purchased directly at Maison's stores.


Exceptions / non-returnable items

Certain types of items cannot be returned, like custom products (such as special orders or personalized items). Please get in touch if you have questions or concerns about your specific item.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.


Content of Return / Exchange Policy

Each product can only be exchanged / returned once. In the case where the defective product is still defective after the first exchange, the Final General Term of this section applies. In case the customer has exchanged the goods and problem continues to arise from Maison with the fault of the product, the error of the manufacturer, the wrong image, ... and if the customer no longer wants to exchange the item, Maison will process a refund in accordance with the refund procedure.

The value of exchanging and returning merchandise will be at the discretion of the Brand Manager or the Head of E-Commerce based on the in-store price at that time.

The brand manager and the E-Commerce Manager have the right to assess the return / defective item before performing any repair or exchange.

After Maison verifies the goods returned from the customer, in the event that the product does not meet the conditions for the return, Maison will refuse the delivery and contact the customer to receive the product or assist the customer to deliver the product back to the customer's address (in this case, the customer will bear the shipping costs). In the event that the customer does not accept the return of the product, or does not bear the shipping fee, the item will be returned to Maison at the sending address and Maison will decide on this product at its sole discretion.

The exchange is made by exchanging the same product (different sizes, colors), or products of higher value as agreed with the customer. In the case of required to exchange product with a value lower than the original product, the Customer Care Center is responsible for advising additional products so that the total value is equal to or greater than the value of the customer’s transaction.

In the case of exchanging goods due to fault from the Company, the Company will bear the shipping costs for the customer. In case the exchange is not from a product defection but from the customer's need, the customer will bear the cost of transporting the goods exchanged from Maison.

For special cases, the Brand Manager and the Head of the E-Commerce Department have the right to modify the policies and conditions for each special case (such as Clause 1 above) or modify the policy / Pay for promotional items from time to time.

Product status requirements

Product with intact product label, unused, box / packaging (if any).

Customers have full receipt of purchase from Maison.

The products are not defected due to the storage and transportation of the user.

Applicable to discounted products not exceeding 30% and original price, except for special cases in accordance with the General Terms above.

Exchange duration: Within 30 days from the date the customer received the product.

Refund duration: Within 03 days from the date the customer received the product.


Place of exchange / return of goods

For support and instructions on the return address, please contact the hotline: 1900252538. Our Customer Service staff will assist you with any questions.


Method of exchange / return goods

Customers who have a need to exchange / return goods (defective, peeling, not fit, ...) are in Maison's terms of exchange / return.

Customers can exchange / return products directly at Maison Customer Service Center or through a delivery service.

Notes when sending packages through delivery service:

  • Maison is not responsible for the integrity or completeness of the contents of the package when it is sent via the courier service.
  • Customers need to ensure that their goods are carefully packed.
  • Customers should take photos of the products and packages before exchanging / returning the goods. The photo evidence will contribute to better solving problems arising in the process of exchanging / returning goods via courier services.

Implementation Process:

Step 1: The customer determines the need to exchange / return the goods.

Step 2: Make a request to exchange / return of items

  • Customers call the Customer Service Department at hotline 1900252538 to request exchange / return of product. Customer service staffs receive the request and creates a return request form on the system.
  • Customers directly create an online delivery request form at the Purchase history section of the customer's account at website . After that, the customer prints the request form or uses the delivery slip that has been attached to the package from Maison and sends it to the Customer Care Center or the store system that is detailed on the delivery slip.

Step 3: Transfer the product to be exchanged / returned.

  • Using a carrier: The customer prints the Return Order Form and attaches it to the parcel, then send the package to our Customer Service Center or the store system that is printed in detail on the form.
  • Customers bring products directly to our Customer Service Center or our store.

Step 4: Review the status of the product to be exchanged / returned:

  • Level 1: New product with intact price tag.
  • Level 2: New product without price tag.
  • Level 3: Used product, but relatively new.
  • Store staff QC products corresponding to the above 3 levels, if the product meets the conditions for exchange / return, then proceed to the warehouse and process the return. In contrast, if the product is not eligible for exchange / return, then contact the customer to refund or notify the Customer Service department to proceed with the product return to the customer.
  • Level 4: Used products.
  • Level 5: The product is caused by a manufacturer error.
  • Level 6: Product error is caused by improper use and storage.

Step 5: Confirmation of the exchange / payment

  • In case of exchange agreement: Customers will be refunded coupon corresponding to the value of the purchased item. At this time, customers will order at or you can ask the customer service department to support the order.
  • In case of return agreement: Customers will be refunded money/ or coupon voucher corresponding to the paid amount after Maison confirms that the products meet the conditions for exchange / return.
  • In case of not accepting the exchange / return of the products: The store staff or the customer service department will notify the product status and return the product(s) back to the customer.

Exchange/Return Duration:

-  Exchange product: Within  14 days  from the date the customer receives the product.

-  Return product:  Within  03 days  from the date the customer receives the product.

Note: The duration to exchange / return items is calculated from the date the customer receives the items to the date the customer sends the items for exchange / return to the carrier.

Refund method: Customer service staff is responsible for contacting the customer to agree with the customer on how to receive the coupon. In case the customer does not want to receive the coupon, Method 2 and Method 3 will be applied.

Refund methods:

  • Method 1: Payment via coupon of equal value and Customer has paid (excluding delivery cost) with expiry date of 45 days from the date of issue.
  • Method 2: Online payment via AsiaPay, domestic ATM, Visa, Mastercard, JCB: 7-10 working days from the time customer service staff confirms the refund process on system.
  • Method 3: COD payment, Maison will refund to the customer's bank account: 7-10 working days from the time our staff confirms that the order has been canceled on the system.